Trump-Kim summit: South Koreans on their expectations

Channel NewsAsia’s Julie Yoo took to the streets of South Korea to find out what.

How is North Korea evading sanctions? – BBC News

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea, currently holding talks with European leaders, says “North Korea’s.

Trump-Kim summit: A timeline

Not too long ago, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were trading insults with “fire.

Trump-Kim summit: Kim and Trump hold bilateral meetings at Sentosa

“Working together, we will get it taken care of,” US President Donald Trump told North.

US student caught stealing N Korean poster sheds tear, apologizes for ‘severe’ crime

A US student arrested in North Korea for a “hostile act” has tearfully apologized for.

Evaluating the Trump-Kim Singapore summit

Evaluating the Trump-Kim Singapore summit: who gave up what – and by how much? ….

Trump-Kim summit: US video promises ‘a new world’ for Kim Jong Un and North Korea

This is the video Donald Trump showed to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on.

Trump-Kim summit ends with pledge to ‘complete Korea denuclearisation’

The US president says the process will start ‘quickly’ and praises the North Korean leader.

‘Mine is bigger’: Trump dares Kim Jong-un to compare nuclear buttons

President Donald Trump has fired off a tweet against North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un,.

Surf’s up at the DMZ, near the North Korean border

Surfing is rapidly gaining popularity around South Korea, especially at beaches near the demilitarised zone.