US-led forces pull out of 3rd Iraqi base this month

U.S.-led coalition forces have pulled out of an Iraqi military base that nearly brought Washington.

Official: US strike Taliban, in first hit since peace deal

The U.S. military says it has conducted an airstrike against Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan,.

Islamic Jihad announces cease-fire to end Israel fighting

JERUSALEM — The Islamic Jihad militant group in the Gaza Strip announced a unilateral cease-fire.

Hezbollah says payback for US strike has just begun

The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah says Iran’s response to its top general’s.

4 Iraqi servicemen wounded by rocket attack on air base

Iraqi security officials say four members of Iraq’s military have been wounded by a rocket attack.

Thousands in Baghdad mourn Iranian general killed by US

BAGHDAD — Thousands of mourners gathered Saturday for a funeral procession through Baghdad for Iran‘s.

US says it carried out 3 airstrikes in Libya in 8 days

The U.S. military says it has carried out an airstrike against the Islamic State group.

The Vegan Wars

What’s behind the rise of extreme vegan activists? This week we meet a third-generation dairy.

US airstrike kills 18 al-Shabab after US attacked in Somalia

A U.S. military airstrike has killed 18 al-Shabab extremists after U.S. and local forces on.