Waging War: Gangs of El Salvador (Part 1)

El Salvador is set to eclipse Honduras as the country with the highest homicide rate.

Germany’s migration chief fired amid an asylum agency fraud scandal

The head of Germany’s migration and refugee agency has been fired amid a scandal where.

‘We must act to stop arrivals’ – Italian MEP’s migration plea

‘Since most people don’t run away from wars and simply think about finding wealth…we cannot.

Portland police ignore immigration agents’ emergency calls on mayor’s orders

Further rallies against Donald Trump’s divisive immigration policy are expected across the U.S. later. Some.

VICE News Daily: Italy Holds First Funeral for Shipwreck Victims

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Funeral.

Kurz responds to German migration deal with plans to toughen borders

Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, says Germany’s new migration deal could force Austria to introduce tougher.

“Orban sees himself as the defender of Christian Europe”

European leaders in favour of a restrictive migration policy gather in Budapest on Thursday for.

EU: ‘Political games blocking refugees’

As the EU focuses on curbing migration flows, one Afghan refugee in Belgium calls for.

View from Vienna – migration set to dominate Austria’s EU presidency

Austria plans to use rotating hot seat to help prevent new migrant waves… READ MORE.

France and Italy have reached a preliminary agreement on a proposal on migration

France and several other European Union countries including Italy have reached an agreement on new.