Far-right provocateur vs. Florida congresswoman in November

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A far-right Republican candidate banned from social media sites because of.

Meghan Markle Talks ‘Clickbait’ And ‘Toxicity’ In The Media

Meghan Markle just added a new job to her resume: interviewer.  The Duchess of Sussex,.

Tampa teenager accused in Twitter hack pleads not guilty

A Florida teen identified as the mastermind of scheme that gained control of Twitter accounts.

RAW: Protester attacks RT reporter during Paris demo against labor reforms

RT reporter Anna Baranova was attacked while covering demonstration in Paris against labour reform. RT.

Facebook bows to Brazil judge, blocks 12 accounts worldwide

Facebook says it has obeyed a Brazilian judge’s order for a worldwide block on the.

Malik B, Founding Member Of The Roots, Has Died At 47

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Malik B, a rapper and founding member of The Roots, has.

Why the Netflix show 'Indian Matchmaking' is causing a stir

The new Netflix series “Indian Matchmaking” brings to light an ancient tradition that is still.

Couple wears swastika masks in Minnesota Walmart

A couple in Minnesota wore red face masks emblazoned with swastikas to a Walmart in.

ProPublica posts NYPD records, bypassing judge’s blockade

A news website has published a database containing complaint information for thousands of New York.

Sinclair pulls discredited ‘Plandemic’ researcher’s Fauci conspiracy theory from local stations

In a memo sent to its local television stations on Saturday, Sinclair instructed news directors.