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Following last month’s failed coup attempt in Turkey, #WomenHeroes has been trending on social media..

Train mows down crowd at India festival, at least 60 dead

A speeding train ran over a crowd watching fireworks during a religious festival in northern.

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On the eve of the Queen’s 90th birthday on Thursday, the next but one king.

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In Iran, homosexuality is banned and punishable by execution under its strict code of sharia,.

Phone Hackers: Britain’s Secret Surveillance

IMSI catchers are portable surveillance tools used for spying on thousands of phones in a.

Nasa captures incredible 4k images of the Sun – BBC News – BBC News

Remarkable high-definition images of the sun taken by Nasa’s space-based telescope, the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

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BBC journalist Sue Lloyd-Roberts is keeping a video diary for the Victoria Derbyshire programme. She.

LeBron Praises The Power Of African-American Women In Acceptance Speech For Icon 360 Award | TIME

The basketball superstar — and new Los Angeles Laker — made the remarks as he.