Pelosi plans to send impeachment articles to Senate next week

It’s been more than three weeks since the House passed the impeachment charges. January 10,.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she’s ‘disturbed’ by McConnell’s comments on White House coordination

“I happened to think that further confused the process,” she said. December 25, 2019, 8:04.

Federal appeals court sides with Congress in battle for Trump’s records from Deutsche Bank

A New York federal appeals court ruled Tuesday morning that Deutsche Bank must turn over.

Justice Clarence Thomas rebukes Biden-led confirmation hearings in new film

Justice Clarence Thomas is joining public criticism of Joe Biden whose handling of Thomas’ 1991.

Thousands of fake IDs bound for New York seized in Louisville

Nearly 3,000 counterfeit driver’s licenses meant to be shipped to people in New York, including.

Former CIA officer Jerry Lee sentenced to 19 years in prison

Jerry Lee, a former CIA officer who resigned from the agency and then came back,.

Rick Gates takes the stand in Roger Stone trial, describes ‘brainstorming’ sessions about WikiLeaks

Former deputy Trump campaign manager Rick Gates testified during Roget Stone’s trial on Tuesday that.

Trial of former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone off to a strange start

Day one in the long-anticipated trial of Roger Stone, a veteran Republican operative and onetime.

Phone records provide ‘irrefutable proof’ of sexual assault allegations against Trump, lawyer says

Cell phone records provide “irrefutable proof” of the sexual assault accusations former “Apprentice” contestant Summer.

Opioid companies reach tentative $260M settlement just before landmark trial in Ohio

Hours before a landmark opioid trial was set to start in an Ohio courthouse, major.