Tampa teenager accused in Twitter hack pleads not guilty

A Florida teen identified as the mastermind of scheme that gained control of Twitter accounts.

Judge: ‘Discriminatory’ to deny Puerto Rico access to US aid

A federal judge has ruled that it is unconstitutional to deny Puerto Ricans living in.

Ruling renews fairness debate in Boston Marathon bomber case

An appeals court ruling overturning the death sentence of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has.

ProPublica posts NYPD records, bypassing judge’s blockade

A news website has published a database containing complaint information for thousands of New York.

Court: Judge wrong to dismiss complaint against Facebook

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled that a judge was wrong to dismiss a.

Prosecutor: Video shows NYC dismemberment suspect buying saw

Prosecutors say surveillance video shows a personal assistant charged in the death of a 33-year-old.

NYPD officer charged in swift test of state’s chokehold ban

A New York City police officer who was suspended after putting a man in what.

DA: Walmart mass shooting suspect will face new charges

Prosecutors say the man accused of killing 22 people and wounding two dozen more at.

Pussy Riot member sentenced to 15 days in Russia

Russian political activist Pytor Verzilov and member of the Pussy Riot protest group has been.

Pablo Escobar’s crime partner freed in US, goes to Berlin

Pablo Escobar’s crime partner and one of Colombia’s pioneering “cocaine cowboys” has been released after.