At least 44 migrants drown in Turkey, Tunisia in separate sinking

터키 남부 근해서 ‘난민선’ 침몰로 어린이 6명 숨져 Nine migrants, including six children, have drowned.

South Korea Ice Skating queen- Kim Yu Na

Skating has always been popular in South Korea, but that popularity surged in recent years.

Moment N Korea announces H-bomb test – BBC News

North Korea’s state TV announces that a hydrogen bomb has been successfully tested in the.

CrossTalk Bullhorns: The Possessed (Extended Version)

Are the mainstream media playing out roles found in the great Russian novel ‘The Possessed’?.

N. Korea to be spared ‘Libya model’ if it makes deal with US, says Trump

U.S. President is urging North Korea to dismantle its nuclear programme. Donald Trump claims the.

North Korea holds military parade on eve of Pyeongchang Olympics

North Korea held a massive military parade highlighted by intercontinental ballistic missiles in its capital.

South Korea offers talks with North on Winter Olympics co-operation

South Korea offered high-level talks with rival North Korea Tuesday aimed at finding ways to.

Trump welcomes home 3 U.S. detainees freed by North Korea

Three Korean-Americans detained in North Korea for more than a year were greeted by U.S..

South Korea grappling with smartphone addiction

South Korea has more than 30 million mobile phone users. The devices have become a.

North Korea commits to ‘complete denuclearization’ during summit

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to shut down his country’s nuclear test site.