Coronavirus updates: Violent crime down in many big cities, police say

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has now killed more than 290,000 people worldwide. More.

GOP Reps. Collins and Gatez to self-quarantine, interacted with Trump over weekend

This may be the closest known possible contact he has had with the virus. March.

Senate impeachment trial live updates: Democrats make their case against Trump

-House managers begin 3 days of opening arguments -The president’s lawyers make no motion to.

Leaked emails on Ukraine aid freeze bolster case for witnesses at Senate trial: Schumer

Democrats on Thursday quickly seized on freshly leaked emails in which a White House budget.

Former Trump adviser John Bolton returns to Twitter with cryptic message

After a more than two-month hiatus from Twitter, President Donald Trump‘s former national security adviser.

‘This is a very strong case of bribery’ : Rep. Jackie Speier on impeachment

A Democratic and a Republican lawmaker looked ahead to the first televised hearings in the.

House to vote on Trump impeachment resolution after ‘racist’ tweets

The House has voted to table Rep. Al Green’s impeachment resolution, with a majority of.

House Democrats prepare to condemn Trump’s Twitter attacks against congresswomen

House Democrats moved to formally rebuke President Donald Trump‘s attacks against four Democratic congresswomen of.

Paul Manafort dodges possible Rikers Island transfer after rare Justice Department intervention

President Donald Trump‘s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has been spared from an expected transfer.