President Trump’s pardons do ‘serious disservice’ to military members, Sen. Jack Reed claims

A key Democratic senator said Tuesday that President Donald Trump did a “serious disservice” to.

New ISIS leader is ‘a nobody,’ but US knows ‘almost nothing’ about him: Official

Although the U.S. knows “almost nothing” about the new leader of ISIS, he is “a.

Syrian Kurdish leader says Turkish attacks continue, contradicting Trump administration claims

The leader of the Syrian Kurds’ civilian government accused Turkey and its forces of continuing.

Pentagon weighs keeping US troops near Syrian oil fields

There have been internal discussions about possibly keeping some U.S. troops in eastern Syria near.

US has quietly reduced troops in Afghanistan by 2,000

U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan have been quietly reduced by 2,000 troops over the past.

Life and death in Syria as US troops withdraw: ‘We don’t trust America anymore’

In Qamishli, an 8-year-old named Sara was lying in a hospital bed, enduring unimaginable pain.

Trump portrays Mideast as a bloody sandbox, maligns Kurds

President Donald Trump is surfacing cultural stereotypes as he depicts the Middle East as a.

Top Democrats walk out of White House Syria meeting saying Trump insulted them

Top Democrats on Wednesday walked out of a White House meeting on Syria between President.

US says it carried out 3 airstrikes in Libya in 8 days

The U.S. military says it has carried out an airstrike against the Islamic State group.

Exclusive: Military leaders tell David Muir there is an ‘ISIS insurgency’ in Iraq, warn of breeding ground across Syria border

It is a familiar battlefield, but a different enemy for American troops in Iraq. Interested.