11-month-old clinging to life after being shot 4 times in back seat of car

An 11-month-old baby is in extremely critical condition after being shot four times while seated.

Impassioned AOC, fellow Democrats zero in on Trump’s practice of separating families at border

A House Oversight Committee hearing on Friday on separated migrant children heard emotional accounts from.

Activists get permit for ‘Baby Trump’ balloon at July 4th events on National Mall

The activist group CODEPINK said Tuesday it has been granted a permit to fly the.

Baby who was cut from his murdered mother’s body dies after weeks in hospital

A heartbreaking story of an unborn baby being cut from his mother’s abdomen has become.

Baby ibuprofen recalled from Walmart, CVS, Family Dollar

A New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company issued a recall of its infants’ liquid ibuprofen after discovering.

American scientist under investigation over ties to alleged genetic editing of Chinese twins

Rice University has launched an investigating into one of its professors after reports surfaced that.

Trump says he plans to end birthright citizenship for babies born to noncitizens

President Donald Trump, returning to one of his presidential campaign themes, said in an interview.

What happened after an 11-year-old boy was accused of murdering his pregnant soon-to-be stepmom

On the morning of Feb. 20, 2009, Chris Brown was running a little late for.

Yes, cuddles can help ease babies’ pain from needle sticks

(Reuters Health) – Babies have long been offered a bit of sugar water or breastmilk.

Big Bugs Band – Traditional African Music for Kids | BabyTV

Join the cute and musical Big Bugs Band and enjoy traditional African music with xylophones,.