‘I’m prepared’ | Lukashenko’s main challenger ready to ‘act as national leader’

More foreign countries have challenged Lukashenko’s legitimacy as president, rejecting the results of the elections.

France's strict shutdown takes severe toll on the economy | RT News

After President Macron has extended France’s #COVID19 lockdown until mid-May, small business started to feel.

‘There’s never been a more fake piece of news’ | Galloway on NYT ‘Russia paid the Taliban’ story

The Taliban needed no excuse to fight foreign invaders, yet the NYT’s latest, fact-free piece.

Where is Batman? | NYC grapples with a wave of violence

President Donald Trump has renewed threats to send federal agents to New York as the.

Who pays bounties to the Taliban to kill Americans?

US intelligence agencies reportedly believe that Iran paid bounties to the Taliban for targeting American.

US offers of help aren’t always what they seem

The US and its ‘international partners’ will offer financial aid to Lebanon, which is struggling.

Pregnant with contraband | Woman busted with 12 phones & even a MALLET

Guards at a Brazilian prison were truly baffled when a ‘pregnant’ woman attempted to visit.

Refugees flood Turkey's border with Greece

Thousands of migrants are camped near Turkey’s border with Greece after the Turkish government said.

The Farmers Fighting Rural America’s Mental Health Crisis (HBO)

One night in 1992, farmer Jeff Ditzenberger walked into an abandoned house near his farm.

VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – June, 18 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Election.