Suicide Wall

Dieser Film entstand in Berlin mit dem Lunatic Team. Das Projekt heißt Suicide Wall und. Graffiti mix vol 4


INFAMY (Part 1)

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‘Writing My Name’ (The Art of Tagging) by Bunny Bread

‘Writing My Name’ (Dedicated to all those who tag their name.) Directed and Edited by.


Atomik from Miami doing a Wildstyle tag on paper with a blue Pilot Super Marker..



Smash Ink graffiti product demo

Art Primo graffiti supplies product demo. Introducing the new Smash Ink colors. Mop tags, Ink.

Graffiti Vandal caught in the act

Graffiti Vandal Matthew Skaggs films and shares his criminal act on the web. Note Mr..

Graffiti tagger sentenced to 8 years in prison – no chance of parole – Corpus Christi

Order “Vigilante Vigilante: The Battle for Expression” a fascinating new documentary about graffiti and the.

New spray paint caps! Available only at – Graffiti Supplies

ArtPrimo Graffiti Supplies Demo: Aerub tests out the new caps. Learn how paint with the.