Bombers – Graffiti Short Film


Brazilian Graffiti Artists Go to Extraordinary Lengths to Leave Their Mark

Correspondent Stephen Gibbs is in Sao Paulo exploring pichação, the most recent graffiti craze on.

3rd mosque attacked in Sweden in a week, violence rises vs Muslims

A police manhunt is underway in Sweden after a mosque was attacked for the third.

British Sikhs mistaken for Muslims, suffer from Islamophobia

Some members of the British community are suffering the consequences of the ignorance and mistaken.

Meeting of Styles (MOS) – Graffities in Mainz-Kastel 2006-2009

Alljährlich von vielen sehnsüchtig erwartet, bei einigen wenigen heiss umstritten – das internationale Graffiti-Meeting am.

Banksy Finds Nothing Funny About This Unauthorized Moscow Exhibition

MOSCOW (Reuters) – British graffiti artist Banksy said a popular exhibition showing his works in.

Sly Artistic City – Philly graffiti history

2010 documentary on the history of graffiti in Philadelphia, featuring interviews with Cool Earl, Kool.

The Secret World of LA Street Artist ‘Plastic Jesus’

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: Reclusive LA street artist Plastic Jesus – famous for building.

Dashe & Pax49 – Ironlak Battle 2011

Gold: Dashe and Pax49 Région 3. UK/Europe – Brest, France 2011 Pax49 : Dashe.

graffiti beginner tips

first tips vid said ” you know lot” lol hope you enjoy! source