The Stunning Street Art Murals Combating Graffiti In Jersey City

Jersey City’s colorful street art scene continues to evolve with the painting of two new.

Living colour festival OFFICIAL VIDEO

living colour graffiti festival by montana-cans hiphop shop and revolt shop 2011 under of 80-90.

top ten california writers

my fav graff writers from cali source

Graffiti Artist – Los Angeles Artist

Pico/ Union Graff Lab – Artist Frame Ezra and Rekalone at Famous World Wide Los.

Keep6, Crave, Combos – SDK & RTS – song by BRASS TACKZ “We’re Still Here” source

Fargo Graffiti Art

Graffiti Wall at Gasper’s School of Dance in Fargo, ND. Filmed July 10, 2010. The.

How to Make a Graffiti Marker

pm me if u have questions source

59th Independence Graffiti Painting by GraffArt Ghana Movement

GraffArt Ghana Movement is a group of young artists from Ghana with the aim of.

Bombers – Graffiti Short Film


Brazilian Graffiti Artists Go to Extraordinary Lengths to Leave Their Mark

Correspondent Stephen Gibbs is in Sao Paulo exploring pichação, the most recent graffiti craze on.