top ten california writers

my fav graff writers from cali source

Graffiti Artist – Los Angeles Artist

Pico/ Union Graff Lab – Artist Frame Ezra and Rekalone at Famous World Wide Los.

How to Make a Graffiti Marker

pm me if u have questions source

Bombers – Graffiti Short Film


Sly Artistic City – Philly graffiti history

2010 documentary on the history of graffiti in Philadelphia, featuring interviews with Cool Earl, Kool.

Dashe & Pax49 – Ironlak Battle 2011

Gold: Dashe and Pax49 Région 3. UK/Europe – Brest, France 2011 Pax49 : Dashe.

Bristol Graffiti/Tagging, part 1.

Bristol City Council graffiti video – Chapter 1: Graffiti and Tagging – Views and opinions..

Way Of Street Art | Body Painting by 2H

2H custom est un artiste du 78 (houilles ) il propose des services de personnalisations. Graffiti mix vol 4


INFAMY (Part 1)

infamy (part 1) part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 graffiti graff.