Georgia Teen Attached College Wish List To Balloons. Miles Away, A Pastor Took Action.

A teen who attached a written prayer for college supplies to helium balloons said she.

Gun Reform Advocate Lucy McBath Wins Democratic Nod For Georgia House Seat

Gun control advocate Lucia “Lucy” McBath won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House in.

Woman Accused Of Drugging, Robbing Men Mistakenly Released From Georgia Jail

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Kremlin failed by keeping western journalists away

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Act of War: 5 years after South Ossetian conflict (RT Documentary)

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Cop Who Was Fired After Ramming Suspect With Car Hired By Nearby County

A Georgia police officer fired a day after video captured him hitting a suspect with.

Georgia Cop Fired After Video Shows Him Hitting A Suspect With His Car

A Georgia police officer has lost his job after dashcam video from his patrol car.

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Georgia-South Ossetia conflict good news for McCain?

The conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia has become a genuine issue in U.S. presidential.