Cultural and Creative Industry; the Ecrans Noirs film festival [The Morning Call]

Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) in Africa is believed to be on the verge of.

‘Live trailer’ to promote movie “Shootout at Wadala”

With stiff competition and rising expectations, Bollywood producers are going to great lengths to promote.

There Were Zero Things Better This Week Than Beyoncé’s Braid

Welcome to Good Stuff, HuffPost’s weekly recommendation series devoted to the least bad things on.

Famous African American Pisces

This video contains singers, actors rappers and icons all born under the sign of Pisces..

INDIA: Inflation hits Bollywood

For many Indians, Bollywood movies offer them the only chance to see exotic foreign locations..

777 Repaze 777

creator,director: Repaze writers:Repaze cast: Repaze 777 source

The Secret World of LA Street Artist ‘Plastic Jesus’

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: Reclusive LA street artist Plastic Jesus – famous for building.

‘Eighth Grade’ Celebrates The Teens Who Have To Grow Up On The Internet

In a scene from comedian Bo Burnham’s new movie “Eighth Grade,” popular middle schooler Kennedy.

Interview with Zanele Muholi, Visual Artist and Activist from South Africa

“We need that agitation and solidarity from other artists…” Interview with Zanele Muholi, Visual Artist.

African American Art- Ex Vi (Romantic Black Art)

Visit us and consider donating to our cause @: This is our 1st video.