Police dash-cam captures deadly shooting at Arizona Walmart

Cottonwood Police released a video of the violent encounter, which shows how the confrontation unfolded.

Vice President Mike Pence’s Arizona trip was delayed due to Secret Service agents testing positive for COVID-19

The vice president ended up taking the trip the following day. July 3, 2020, 3:41.

‘Angel’ volunteer pilots help families across U.S. during pandemic

“We’re really grateful,” said one mom whose family was flown to California. June 23, 2020,.

How a woman boarded a Delta flight without a boarding pass or ID

The woman and her belongings were screened by TSA, according to the report. June 15,.

‘No criminality’ found in the death of transgender inmate on Rikers Island: Prosecutor

Layleen Polanco was found dead in solitary confinement in June 2019. June 5, 2020, 9:39.

ICU nurse talks how COVID-19 has changed her life

Lindsey Burrell didn’t always want to be a nurse. That changed nine years ago when.

‘Historic’ Air Force graduation ceremony goes off with masks and social distancing

Families had to adapt to not being allowed to attend the celebration. April 18, 2020,.

A third report a job loss, half a pay cut as coronavirus crisis grips the economy

Economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis are gripping the nation: One in three Americans in.

Migrant volunteers targeted on Greek islands as tensions, violence escalate

Earlier this month, Kostas Tanainis dropped off more than 100 sleeping bags, towels and blankets.

Coronavirus keeping American couple from their adopted daughter in China

Noah and Ivy Cleveland were packed and ready to go for weeks before a Feb..