7 Real American Mysteries That Will Keep You Up At Night

We’ve all gathered around campfires and heard about things that go bump in the night,.

Space satellite crashes in front yard of Michigan home

A Samsung pseudo space satellite parachuted from the sky and fell to the ground on.

Sacha Baron Cohen Nails The Problem With Zuckerberg’s Freedom Of Expression Defense

Sacha Baron Cohen used an analogy involving a restaurant owner and neo-Nazis to tear into.

Facebook executive confident Libra will win enough financial backers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Facebook Inc (FB.O), whose digital currency project Libra has been abandoned by.

Attorney General William Barr calls for Facebook to halt release of encrypted messaging program

Attorney General Bill Barr and officials from the U.K. and Australia have penned a letter.

Facebook CEO says he’d fight Elizabeth Warren’s plan against tech mergers

While Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren watched her 2020 candidacy steadily rise over the summer, Facebook.

California man who set sleeping homeless man on fire and took pictures held for $1 million bail

A California man who purposefully set a homeless man on fire and took pictures of.

3 suicides in 1 week by sailors from aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush

The deaths by suicide of three sailors serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W..

Daughter cracks up as mom surprised her at bus stop dressed as unicorn

A mom who met her daughter at the bus stop while dressed as a unicorn.

Embattled Facebook CEO Zuckerberg seeks to mend fences in Washington

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill for.