Russian TV crew hit by deadly mortar fire near Luhansk

A journalist and sound engineer working for Russian television have been killed near Luhansk, in.

D-Day International ceremony: Obama, Putin, Elizabeth II, Hollande in Normandy (recorded live feed)

D-Day international ceremony attended by French President Hollande, Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angela.

Cricket fan makes incredible $4000 catch

Cricket supporter Andrew McCullouch on Tuesday (November 11) won almost $4000 (NZ$ 5000) for making.

Spain: poverty hits millions despite growth

It looks like an ordinary summer’s day at a swimming pool on the outskirts of.

Turkey opens world’s biggest suspension bridge in Istanbul

Turkey has opened the world’s biggest suspension bridge in Istanbul. It took three years to.

Discover the secrets of the Silk Road in Bukhara – life

Bukhara is the destination of this edition of Uzbek Life. Euronews’ intrepid adventurer Galina… euronews,.

Kayak in the street as flash floods hit French city of Montpellier

Courtesy: Jan (Berlin) & Yann (Montpellier) Kayak in the street as flash floods hit.

50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech

Fifty years ago on August 28 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech.

Melilla: the Spanish enclave that has become the back-door to Europe – reporter

These pictures were filmed on November 20th this year by Spanish police surveillance cameras. ….

Final destination: Ferry crashes into ship-breaking yard in Turkey

Courtesy Salim San. The moment of a cross-channel ferry’s seafaring days came to a grinding.