Fewer emergency surgeries, more deaths in British hospitals vs U.S.

(Reuters Health) – When patients in England or the U.S. have abdominal emergencies like appendicitis.

Repeat concussions declining in U.S. high school sports

(Reuters Health) – While concussion rates remain higher among U.S. high school students playing football.

Eating nuts might help limit weight gain

(Reuters Health) – Despite their high calorie counts, daily doses of nuts might help people.

Workplaces could be good setting for diabetes prevention

People in certain occupations have a three-times-higher risk of type 2 diabetes compared to those.

Poll finds older adults not fully prepared for emergencies

(Reuters Health) – While most older adults say they are confident they’re ready to handle.

Transgender people in U.S. still face conversion therapy attempts

(Reuters Health) – One in seven transgender people in the U.S. has experienced an attempt.

With parents in prison, kids at risk for lasting psychiatric problems

(Reuters Health) – Children who have a parent in prison may be more than twice.

Tuberculosis rates down in most U.S. children, but still high in some groups

(Reuters Health) – Over the past decade, the number of children and teens in the.

Restless legs syndrome linked with self-harm and suicide risk

(Reuters Health) – Having a diagnosis of restless legs syndrome may also signal an increased.

Higher education doesn’t protect equally against secondhand smoke

Higher levels of education promote health by helping people avoid many environmental health risks, but.