Weight-loss surgery tied to lower risk of birth defects

(Reuters Health) – Women with severe obesity who have gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.

Low-carb ‘keto’ diets have some health benefits and some risks

(Reuters Health) – While extremely low-carbohydrate diets may aid short term weight loss, they have.

Workplaces could be good setting for diabetes prevention

People in certain occupations have a three-times-higher risk of type 2 diabetes compared to those.

Diabetics who delay treating hypertension have more strokes, heart attacks

Among people with diabetes who develop high blood pressure, those who delay getting it under.

Patients, doctors may not share priorities for chronic diseases

Patients and doctors often have different views about which chronic health conditions are their top.

Medication can lower some women’s risk of breast cancer

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Women with a high risk of developing breast cancer can.

Gender minority college students at increased mental health risk

(Reuters Health) – Gender minority students in U.S. colleges and universities are four times as.

Menopause with diabetes tied to more severe sleep problems

(Reuters Health) – Women with type 2 diabetes may face more sleep issues and more.

Furniture flame retardants may not stifle deadliest home fires

(Reuters Health) – Targeting the flammability of smoking materials like cigarettes, pipes and cigars, rather.

Late puberty may lead to weaker bones

(Reuters Health) – Teens who hit puberty late may end up with weaker bones, a.