Warren, AOC propose ban on mergers and acquisitions during the pandemic

The bill would freeze mergers made by firms with over $100 million in revenue. April.

Maxine Waters Reveals Her Sister Is Dying Of The Coronavirus

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) revealed Thursday on the House floor that her sister is dying of.

Elizabeth Warren, Ayanna Pressley Urge Trump To Reduce Prison Population Amid Coronavirus

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) on Friday called on President Donald Trump to.

An unexpected shift of events, Biden endorses Warren’s bankruptcy plan

The two previously sparred over a 2005 bill that her plan would largely undo. March.

Bummed Late Night Hosts Say Goodbye To Elizabeth Warren’s Bid For President

The comedians of late night TV were a little more serious than usual on Thursday.

Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren Wipes The Floor With Fred Armisen’s Bloomberg On ‘SNL’

A press conference by Beck Bennett’s Mike “I don’t believe in science” Pence turned into.

Elizabeth Warren Bludgeons Bloomberg Over Sexual Harassment And Discrimination Claims. Again.

Elizabeth Warren came out of the gates swinging during Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate ―.

Michael Bloomberg qualifies for Democratic debate, showdown with candidates looms

Bloomberg was polling nationally at 19% meeting the threshold set by Democrats. February 18, 2020,.

DNC unveils qualifications for last Democratic debate ahead of South Carolina primary

It is also the final debate before the candidates compete on Super Tuesday. February 15,.

Larry David’s Sanders Kvetches About Apps, ‘Biden’ Aims To ‘Creep Up’ On Polls On ‘SNL’

Larry David’s dead-on Sen. Bernie Sanders stole the show as “Saturday Night Live” revisited the.