Obama Photographer Rips ‘Out Of His Element’ Donald Trump Over Bin Laden Raid Criticism

Former White House photographer Pete Souza blasted President Donald Trump on Monday for criticizing retired Adm. William.

Schumer asks for probe into Whitaker’s White House contacts

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Fake Melania’s Dirty Joke About Trump’s Privates Literally Stops The ‘Late Show’

Appearing in her recurring role as first lady Melania Trump, Benanti made a crack about Trump’s.

Jimmy Fallon Divines How Donald Trump’s Turkey-Pardoning Ceremony May Go Down

“Americans actually get to vote on which turkey Trump pardons, and I saw that the.

Donald Trump’s ‘Interview’ With Stephen Colbert Gets Weird Right Off The Bat

“The Late Show” host’s spoof grilling of Trump took a bizarre Bigfoot turn. Source link

Seth Meyers Sees Vampire Horror In Donald Trump’s Lies

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers accused President Donald Trump of making up “weird” stuff about.

Relentless California wildfires leave 79 dead, nearly 1,300 others still missing

The number of people who remain missing in the wake of a pair of ferocious.

Once Republican bastions, Democrats see gains in traditionally conservative districts

From Orange County, California, to rural Maine, to the congressional district that’s home to one.

White House must restore CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass, judge rules

A federal judge on Friday ordered the Trump White House to immediately restore the press.

White House says it has ‘broad discretion’ on press access

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