Trump-Kim summit: Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un take stroll around Sentosa’s Capella Hotel

Speaking to media outside Sentosa’s Capella Hotel during their one-on-one walk without translators, US President.

‘Truly fake news’: White House slams MSM for distorting facts & using unrelated photos

The White House has chastised the media for distorting the facts to discredit the administration’s.

Stephen King Zings Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin With George Orwell Quote

Horror writer Stephen King took inspiration from the work of late author George Orwell for his.

Kirstjen Nielsen Doubles Down On Trump’s Infamous ‘Both Sides’ Comment

It’s been nearly a year since a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned deadly.

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Michelle Wolf roasted U.S. President Donald Trump, even though he skipped the White House Correspondents’.

The Political Re-Awakening Of The Middle-Aged Suburban White Woman

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Whoopi Abruptly Ends Jeanine Pirro Interview On ‘The View’ After Heated Exchange

Whoopi Goldberg shut down an interview with Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro on Thursday following a.

Trump-Kim summit: The North Korean dilemma | Insight | Full episode

After the dangerous game of brinkmanship between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader.

Republican Tim Scott Tanks One Of Trump’s Judicial Nominees

WASHINGTON ― In a stunning defeat for President Donald Trump, Republican Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.).

‘US can’t be taken advantage of by EU’: Tensions rise ahead of NATO summit

Tensions between Europe and the US are casting a massive shadow over Wednesday’s NATO summit..