VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – May, 2 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Ukraine.

Meet Iran’s gay mullah forced to flee the country – BBC News

In Iran, homosexuality is banned and punishable by execution under its strict code of sharia,.

Phone Hackers: Britain’s Secret Surveillance

IMSI catchers are portable surveillance tools used for spying on thousands of phones in a.

Sue Lloyd-Roberts’ diary: Life after leukaemia diagnosis – BBC News

BBC journalist Sue Lloyd-Roberts is keeping a video diary for the Victoria Derbyshire programme. She.

Smokejumpers: Into fire with California’s elite firefighters – BBC News

Subscribe to BBC News The BBC spends a day with California’s “smokejumpers”, the elite.

Europe’s Jewish Exodus (Full Length)

In the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe — several of which targeted Jewish.

Meeting the Brits with guns – BBC News

When you mention guns, the UK is definitely not the first place you’d think of..

Ukraine crisis: Shots fired during ceasefire visit – BBC News

The BBC’s Tom Burridge describes the scene as a fellow reporter is shot during a.

Ken Burns Isn’t Mad | HuffPost

It’s not that Ken Burns has thin skin. Maybe he did, early on, but he.

The Russians Are Coming: Georgia’s Creeping Occupation

In July 2015, Russia-backed forces moved the boundary fence between Russian-occupied South Ossetia and Georgia.