Two-century trend of Army suicide decrease during war reversed in past two decades

(Reuters Health) – While army suicides have historically decreased during wartime, that trend appears to.

Shift work tied to poor mental health

People who work night shifts or varied schedules that disrupt their sleep may be more.

Mental health conditions may prompt some women to have ovaries removed unnecessarily

(Reuters Health) – Certain psychiatric conditions may prompt some women to choose to have their.

Weight loss possible with psychiatric drugs

(Reuters Health) – Even overweight and obese people who take certain psychiatric drugs associated with.

With parents in prison, kids at risk for lasting psychiatric problems

(Reuters Health) – Children who have a parent in prison may be more than twice.

Restless legs syndrome linked with self-harm and suicide risk

(Reuters Health) – Having a diagnosis of restless legs syndrome may also signal an increased.

Depression, anxiety rising among U.S. college students

(Reuters Health) – Suicidal thinking, severe depression and rates of self-injury among U.S. college students.

Gender minority college students at increased mental health risk

(Reuters Health) – Gender minority students in U.S. colleges and universities are four times as.

Mental health issues in Hong Kong surging amid tumultuous protests, experts say

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Stress and trauma over the political turmoil surrounding Hong Kong’s extradition.

Caregiver depression tied to more ER visits for dementia patients

(Reuters Health) – Dementia patients may go to the emergency room more often when their.