Fewer emergency surgeries, more deaths in British hospitals vs U.S.

(Reuters Health) – When patients in England or the U.S. have abdominal emergencies like appendicitis.

Parents in medical research labs missing out on government help with conference travel

(Reuters Health) – Few medical schools allow doctor-scientists with children to take advantage of a.

Weight-loss surgery tied to lower risk of birth defects

(Reuters Health) – Women with severe obesity who have gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.

Repeat concussions declining in U.S. high school sports

(Reuters Health) – While concussion rates remain higher among U.S. high school students playing football.

Social media may distract nurses from their jobs

(Reuters Health) – Nurses’ productivity takes a hit when they become ‘addicted’ to using social.

Eating nuts might help limit weight gain

(Reuters Health) – Despite their high calorie counts, daily doses of nuts might help people.

Touch-button survey points to frustration among ER workers

(Reuters Health) – A pilot study aimed at gauging the real-time mood in busy emergency.

Celiac families may not need two toasters

(Reuters Health) – Often when someone in the family has celiac disease, two sets of.

Workplaces could be good setting for diabetes prevention

People in certain occupations have a three-times-higher risk of type 2 diabetes compared to those.

Diabetics who delay treating hypertension have more strokes, heart attacks

Among people with diabetes who develop high blood pressure, those who delay getting it under.