Senate impeachment trial live updates: Democrats make their case against Trump

-House managers begin 3 days of opening arguments -The president’s lawyers make no motion to.

Senators remain gripped by partisanship as Trump’s impeachment trial begins

U.S. senators settled into their political foxholes on Thursday upon the kickoff of President Donald.

Top Democrats walk out of White House Syria meeting saying Trump insulted them

Top Democrats on Wednesday walked out of a White House meeting on Syria between President.

Trump announces budget deal reached with Congress

President Donald J. Trump announced late Monday that he and congressional leaders had reached a.

Trump says ‘she’s a mess’ after Pelosi says Trump family needs to stage ‘intervention’

President Donald Trump fired back at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, escalating a feud.

Trump says intel chiefs claim they were ‘totally misquoted’ in reports saying they contradicted him

President Donald Trump on Thursday, after attacking his top intelligence officials the day before for.

In prime-time address, Trump argues national security ‘crisis’ at southern border

President Donald Trump used his first Oval Office address to the nation to urge Congress.

No end in sight to shutdown as lawmakers mull over options

With the New Year underway and a new Congress set to reconvene with the partial.

Schumer asks for probe into Whitaker’s White House contacts

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