U.S. states sue to undo Trump rollback of healthy school lunch rules

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Several U.S. states sued the Trump administration on Wednesday to undo.

What’s bad for the heart is also bad for the brain

(Reuters Health) – People who have risk factors for heart disease like diabetes, high blood.

Long-term obesity tied to higher dementia risk in healthy older adults

(Reuters Health) – Healthy older adults who have been obese for years may be at.

Yoga linked to lowered blood pressure with regular practice

(Reuters Health) – Adults who practice yoga with breathing and relaxation exercises at least three.

Eating nuts tied to lower heart disease risk for diabetics

(Reuters Health) – People with diabetes who regularly eat nuts may be less likely to.

Climate change could raise risk of congenital heart defects

(Reuters Health) – More babies could be born with heart defects in the future as.

Leafy green neighborhoods tied to better heart health

(Reuters Health) – People who live in neighborhoods with more green spaces may have less.

Inflammatory bowel disease tied to heart attack risk

(Reuters Health) – – People with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Racial disparities seen in U.S. heart rhythm treatment

(Reuters Health) – Black patients in the U.S. with atrial fibrillation – an irregular heart.

Defibrillator vest fails test because many heart attack survivors wouldn’t wear it

(Reuters Health) – Patients who have just survived a heart attack and consequently have a.