Cardi B And Bruno Mars Sizzle At Taco Joint In ‘Please Me’ Music Video

Cardi B and Bruno Mars meet at a taco joint in their new music video.

Cardi B’s Baby Repeats ‘Mama’ But Won’t Say ‘Papa’ To Dad Offset In Cute Video

Parenting can be humbling at times. Rapper Cardi B posted a funny video Thursday of.

Rihanna Throws Super Bowl-Size Shade At Passenger Trying To Watch Game

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Cardi B Slams Conservative Who Slut-Shamed Rapper’s ‘Twerk’ Video: ‘NO Still Means NO’

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Cardi B Torches Tomi Lahren With Savage Clapback: ‘I Will Dog Walk You’

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Cardi B’s Trashing Of Donald Trump For The Shutdown Is Now A Banging Song

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Musicians Are Celebrating Making Barack Obama’s ‘Favorite Songs Of 2018’ List

Barack Obama released his best-of-2018 list on Friday to highlight his favorite books, music and.

Cardi B Performs ‘I Like It’ At Senior Center, Dance Party Erupts

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Offset Crashes Cardi B’s Set Asking Her To Take Him Back

Offset famously proposed to Cardi B in front of a live audience, but his onstage.

Cardi B Can Rap But She Can’t Drive In ‘Carpool Karaoke’

In a preview posted Thursday, the hip-hop star and “The Late Late Show” host brilliantly.