Woody Allen Releases Memoir After Quietly Finding New Publisher

NEW YORK (AP) — Woody Allen’s memoir, dropped by its original publisher after widespread criticism,.

What It’s Like To Be A Black Widow

It took Leslie Gray Streeter, a columnist for The Palm Beach Post, almost four decades.

Hachette Book Group Cancels Woody Allen’s Memoir

The Hachette Book Group has decided not to publish Woody Allen’s memoir, “Apropos of Nothing,”.

Barnes & Noble Cancels Black History Month Covers After Backlash

Major bookseller Barnes & Noble canceled a Black History Month initiative at its flagship Fifth.

Brazilian Writer Deletes Children’s Book Co-Written By Kobe Bryant

SAO PAULO (AP) — Kobe Bryant and Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho were working together on.

This Country Finally Started Selling Books By Black Feminist Writers

Books by some of the most famed Black feminist writers in the U.S., including Patricia.

Former Republican National Committee Chair Exposes Hypocrisy Of Current RNC: ‘SOBs’

Michael Steele, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, on Friday accused the RNC.

Trevor Noah Shreds Trump Officials Who ‘Profit Off The Chaos’

Trevor Noah is done with former and current White House officials, and others, writing books.

Late Night Hosts Deliver Cutting Reviews Of Donald Trump Jr.’s New Book

Donald Trump Jr.’s new book gave the hosts of late night TV an abundance of.

Brazil Newspaper Publishes Gay Avengers Kiss On Front Page To Defy Evangelical Mayor

As Rio de Janeiro’s evangelical mayor battled to ban a Marvel Avengers comic showing two male.