We Built This: Rashad Robinson Is Redefining Our Approach To Digital Activism

Change is constant, but progress is a slow process, especially in the fight for civil.

Google Celebrates First Day Of Black History Month With Sojourner Truth Doodle

Google kicked off Black History Month by honoring abolitionist Sojourner Truth in a Google Doodle.

RNC Gets Roasted Over 'Tone Deaf' Black History Month Tweet

“But yet you demonize those who today follow the examples of those that came before.

Trump’s Black History Month Tribute Tweet Is Greeted Just As Well As Expected

National African American History Month is an occasion to rediscover the enduring stories of African.

We Built This: William Jackson Harper Is Opening New Doors For Dark-Skinned Men In Hollywood

When is the last time you saw a dark-skinned black man onscreen have as many.

Top 5 Black Warrior-Women of History (African History Explained)

Check out these playlists! Pirate History Explained: https://bit.ly/2soRX54 Viking History Explained: https://bit.ly/2Jnsz9n Japanese History Explained:.

Black History Month: Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr First african American General

Benjamin Oliver Davis Sr First african American General. Learn more about Black History here: ….

Black Scientists Who Changed the Game ?

Let’s travel to the not so distant past to honor Black Scientists and Inventors who.

Awesome Inventions by African Americans

Who invented microphones, PCs, and video game consoles? In honor of Black History Month, Hank.

Tribute to African American Artists

During black history month, my quartet, The Conversions, played excerpts from five different African American.