Finding beds for football fans in Kiev – BBC News

Thousands of fans will be descending on the city of Kiev, ahead of the Champions.

Why is Disney buying Fox? – BBC News

Disney has been focused on acquiring content, buying Pixar and Lucasfilm for example, and this.

Inside the mind of white America – BBC News

The concept of there being “two Americas” is almost as old as the nation itself..

Iranian politicians set fire to US flag in parliament – BBC News

A group of Iranian politicians have burnt a US flag in the country’s parliament following.

Flirting across the India-Pakistan border – BBC News

Some in the rival countries’ gay communities are using tech to forge cross-frontier relationships. Please.

Children: New billionaires – BBC News

Subscribe to BBC News In the latest instalment of our Next Billionaires series, the.

What is artificial intelligence? – BBC News

The BBC’s quick guide to artificial intelligence. Subscribe to BBC News HERE Check out.

Jerusalem is Israel’s capital: Donald Trump’s FULL ANNOUNCEMENT – BBC NEWS

President Trump has announced that the US now recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mr Trump.

Donald Trump: US and UK are joined at the hip – BBC News

Donald Trump and Theresa May held a brief press conference after they met at the.

Syria: Seven years of war explained – BBC News

The war in Syria has now lasted for seven years. Although its roots lie in.