2015: The year in quotes – BBC News

2015 had it all. Political upheavals, sporting triumphs and scientific leaps, natural disasters and man-made.

Anna Kendrick Finally Reveals What She Said To Make Barack Obama Laugh So Hard

Back in 2012, Anna Kendrick made then-President Barack Obama laugh so hard that he doubled.

Barbara Lee Warned AUMF Would Create ‘Open-Ended War.’ And That’s What Happened.

When Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) cast the lone vote against the congressional authorization to use.

Guns for sale – inside an American gun show – BBC News

President Obama is to unveil controversial plans to introduce new gun controls in the US..

Obama vs. Trump: Trevor Noah Makes The Call

Certain questions provoke lots of debate, even when there’s no real way to resolve them..

How Trump was elected: Slavoj Žižek breaks down US elections

Since the US presidential election, pundits have been struggling to explain Donald Trump’s shock win..

Don Lemon Airs Embarrassing Footage Of Republicans Hating, Then Loving Donald Trump

Don Lemon repeated the question on the later broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” and aired throwback.

The Note: Obama takes the midterms stage

The TAKE with Rick Klein Interested in The Note? Add The Note as an interest.

Barack Obama’s speech in Cuba

‘For more than half a century the sight of a U.S. president here in Havana.

Obama Photographer Mocks Photo-Blocking Trump Volunteer With Extreme Close-Up

Of course former White House photographer Pete Souza had something biting to say about this.