Pilot killed in helicopter crash atop New York City building was a ‘true hero,’ family says

The man at the controls of a helicopter that crashed onto the roof of a.

4 Americans die in small plane crash in Honduras

Four Americans have died after a small plane plummeted into the Atlantic Ocean off the.

New details emerge about Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight's final moments

Analysis of the flight recordings from the Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

New delay in retrieving initial data from 737 MAX 8 ‘black boxes’

A readout of initial data on the deadly Boeing 737 MAX 8 Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Plane crashes into Ohio home, 1 dead: FAA

A twin-engine Piper PA-31 plane crashed into a home near Madeira, Ohio, Tuesday afternoon, killing.

2 men dead in Ohio plane crash, engine issues may be the cause: Officials

Two men aboard a DC-3 plane were killed when it crashed in Ohio Monday morning.

US service member killed in Afghanistan for 2nd time this month

A member of the U.S. military was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday — the second.

Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 aboard crashes into ocean shortly after takeoff

An Indonesian passenger jet carrying 189 people crashed into the ocean shortly after takeoff on.

Anonymous Trump op-ed shows America’s pilot is ‘trying to crash the plane,’ Noah says

Trevor Noah said it seemed as if America’s pilot was “trying to crash the plane”.

Pilot dies in plane crash while spreading father’s ashes

One of two brothers on a flight to spread their father’s ashes died on Saturday.