Report: Pilots restarted software, causing fatal nosedive

Desperate pilots of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max reactivated the jet’s flight control software.

Chinese hotel used to observe virus contacts collapses

News reports say a hotel in southeastern China being used for medical observation of people.

Driver dies after jet fuel tanker crash in Indianapolis

A truck driver has died 16 days after he was engulfed in flames when his.

Parents sue after daughters’ bodies switched after car crash

The parents of two teenagers killed in a car crash say their bodies were misidentified.

Winter storm moving across country with heavy snow, flooding rain

13 states from Washington to Illinois are on alert for heavy snow and flooding. February.

Authorities: 3 killed in rural West Texas small plane crash

Authorities say three people were killed when a small plane crashed in rural West Texas.

Third student-runner who was struck by speeding truck dies

A third suburban Oklahoma City high school student has died after a group of cross-country.

Missouri dad sues over crash that killed 3 of his children

A father has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the deaths of three of his.

Man hunts down alleged hit-and-run driver after wife killed

A California man who made it his mission to track down the hit-and-run driver who.

Iran again fails to put satellite into orbit amid US worries

Iranian state television says the country’s space program has failed to launch into orbit a.