‘TV President’ Martin Sheen Burns Trump With A New Running Mate For 2020

Actor Martin Sheen texted MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell in the middle of his show on Thursday.

Rock Icon Neil Young Hits Trump Where It Hurts In Searing Attack Message

Rock icon Neil Young slammed President Donald Trump, threw his support behind Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert unleashed several of his political impersonations on Thursday night, including.

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Michael Bloomberg Quietly Rejoined Clubs That Largely Exclude Women, Minorities

When Michael Bloomberg was on the verge of running for mayor of New York City in.

Michael Bloomberg Appeared To Blame Obama For Racial Division In 2016

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Bloomberg Says He ‘Inherited’ Stop And Frisk. NYC Activists Recall A Different Story.

NEW YORK — New York City activists and academics expressed outrage Tuesday after Democratic presidential candidate.

Deval Patrick Exits 2020 Presidential Race

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick announced Wednesday he is ending his quixotic bid for the Democratic.

Michael Bloomberg Slammed After Audio Of Him Defending Stop-And-Frisk Resurfaces

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing backlash after an audio clip of.