State of the Culture’s Eboni K. Williams: Remy Ma and I ‘Co-Exist’

Longtime public defender and former Fox News pundit Eboni K. Williams is no stranger to facing off with fiery personalities. But she has her work cut out for her when it comes to debating the hot topics with her State of the Culture co-host Remy Ma. 

In a September clip that has since gone viral, the duo faced off over rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s courtroom confessions and things got ugly. 

“Can I get off of this couch while she’s giving people advice and tips on how to f—king snitch?” a visibly annoyed Remy deadpanned at the camera while shading Williams for her legal advice.

So how are Williams and Remy today?

“We have created space to co-exist,” Williams, 36, tells theGrio

No shade?

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“Like, we’re good, really. There are moments of real contention and I don’t want to minimize that. But again, I think that’s an opportunity for growth.” 

Williams, who spent much of her career as a criminal defense attorney, hints that there will likely be more conflicts with Remy as they each bring their unique perspectives on pop culture, politics, and social justice to the table.

“The Queen Remy Ma comes from a background, [as] an expert in hip-hop, an expert in culture, an expert in motherhood, an expert, not because she’s perfect, right. But because she’s experienced in that. She’s been a wife for upwards of 10 years,” Williams said. “So, Remy brings a unique experience of vantage point. I proudly bring a unique experience and vantage point–my expertise in law, my expertise in media and journalism. You put that together, and what it creates is a beautiful dynamic for young girls and women of all ages to look at and be able to appreciate.

“It’s not about agreeing all the time. I always say agreement to me is actually grossly overrated. I don’t think our moments of growth come from just being in lockstep alignment on every issue, on every point. It’s all good. We have a beautiful and growing relationship.”

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Plus, the Pretty Powerful author adds that she’s determined not to fall into a tired narrative of catfights with Remy, 39, her only female co-host. 

“Women, are, historically, a marginalized group of folk. We’ve been sold a lie that says only one or maybe two of us at a time can succeed in a space. And that’s a false narrative. To be simply put, the truth is we actually thrive as women. We thrive as black people. We thrive as any marginalized group in this country…the truth is, is that as women and especially as Black women, we are each other’s protection.”

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