You’ve probably scrolled past editorial stylized dishes on your favorite food blog or on social media. But it’s not every day that you learn about the business behind culinary entrepreneurship. Yes, it’s an entire industry. And if you’re ready to learn how to take the heat in the kitchen, Chef Erica Barrett, founder and CEO of Southern Culture Foods, wants to help you learn the recipe for success as a food entrepreneur.

Since launching her company in 2012, Southern Culture Foods products are being sold in 4,000 stores nationwide. And we hear that her pancake mix, waffle mix, and rubs are popular by demand! So, if you’ve been sitting on a family recipe, want to learn more about the science of cooking, or become an entrepreneur and food personality like her—she has you covered.

Barrett took a moment from throwing down in the kitchen to talk about all things food and business. Take a look at her bite-size tips for food entrepreneurs.


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