Serena Williams Raises Awareness About Financial Abuse | Black Enterprise

Serena Williams is always taking a positive stance when she is not playing tennis. According to CBS News, Williams is now the national ambassador for the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse program.

“A really close friend of mine was going through a situation that wasn’t really healthy for her, wasn’t healthy for her friends, or her family — and it was difficult to tell her,” she said. “And then I realized, look, oh my goodness, she’s — all the signs that I was learning about with financial abuse, she was involved in.”

“I had no idea what financial abuse was. When I read that 99% of domestic violence cases do involve financial abuse, I feel like that was a really, really high number, and it’s shocking,” Williams told CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan.

“I feel like a responsibility to make people know more about things like financial abuse. And how to avoid it like I want to teach my daughter everything about it,” Williams said. “And if I have more kids and I have a boy, I want to teach him about it so he is not a part of the problem and only adds to the solutions.”

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