Renew Pleather or Paint Plastic with the Best Spray Paints for Vinyl –

Vinyl and other plastic surfaces can be difficult to paint since they are not porous. So when working with vinyl, it is critical to select a paint specifically designed for that use. Vinyl paint is particularly popular in the automotive and marine field, since it can be used to touch up seats, dashboards, and door panels, but it is also useful in household and craft projects or in any circumstance where you would like to paint or stencil a plastic surface. To get proper adhesion and a long-lasting finish, it is essential that vinyl surfaces be cleaned to remove dirt and grease before painting. Our picks below will help you find the best vinyl paint for your project.

1. ColorBond LVP Refinisher Spray Paint

An extremely quick-drying paint that creates a molecular bond to seal in color, this ColorBond spray paint in a 12-ounce can is excellent for use on a wide range of surfaces in car and boat interiors. The formula penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl, and leather for superior adhesion, providing a flexible surface that will retain suppleness. Leveling properties in the paint will leave a smooth surface with a scratch- and scuff-resistant finish that won’t crack, flake, or peel.

2. Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Spray

No primer is necessary with this Dupli-Color spray paint for vinyl and fabric, which has been specially formulated with an adhesion promoter to achieve a durable, flexible, and opaque finish. It’s ideal for automotive interiors such as dashboards, panels, seats, and carpet. A conical nozzle on the 11-ounce canister can change directions for a controlled spray, making this easy to apply for a finish that won’t crack, peel, or chip.

3. Rust-Oleum Specialty Vinyl

Made with vinyl paint resins, Rust-Oleum’s vinyl spray provides excellent adhesion with maximum flexibility plus a semigloss finish that is ideal for car and boat seats, upholstery, or luggage. Application is a breeze with the any-angle spray nozzle, and it even works while you hold the 11-ounce can upside down––great for accessing those hard-to-reach areas.

4. VHT Vinyl Dye

While not a paint, this VHT vinyl dye can be used in much the same way to restore or change surface colors. It is suitable for use on pliable or stiff vinyl, simulated leather, plastic, or even short-nap carpet found in cars and boats. The true dye formula adheres to surfaces for a satin finish that is resistant to cracking and fading. The can contains 11 ounces.

5. SEM Vinyl Coat

Though it was designed for marine vinyl, SEM’s Vinyl Coat is suitable for use on most plastic surfaces. Boat interiors are especially susceptible to the elements, and this product can restore surfaces that have been affected by stains, fading, and mold. With superior adhesion and excellent UV protection, this product will provide a durable and flexible finish that won’t crack. It comes in a 12-ounce spray can.

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