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Production still from the “San Francisco Bay Area” episode of Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season 9.

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Each Wednesday through September, ARTnews will preview a short clip from the ninth season of Art21’s show Art in the Twenty-First Century, which will visit the Bay Area, Johannesburg, and Berlin. 

Photographer and filmmaker Katy Grannan, who is based in the Bay Area, stars in this segment from Art21’s ninth season, which shows the artist in the process of photographing a collaborator known simply as Nicole. Grannan, who’s known for her work capturing “anonymous people,” discusses catching Nicole’s visceral and provocative poses, and how she harnesses that energy in her portraits.

“[Nicole] got naked and was imitating these provocative poses,” Grannan says. “But then almost doing violence to them. There was a desire to have some of that glamour—or sex appeal or whatever—and then she rejected it at the same time. I thought, this is closer to what I feel as a woman.”


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