NFL Star Startles Laura Ingraham By Daring To Disagree With Fox News Talking Point

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham appeared startled when a guest dared to disagree with her viewpoint on Monday night.

New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson wrong-footed Ingraham when he told the prime time host he agreed with Jemele Hill’s latest essay in The Atlantic, which explored whether Black athletes should leave majority-white colleges and take the money and attention they generate elsewhere.

Video of Ingraham’s reaction to Watson’s view is now going viral. Watch below:

“She had some great points in that article,” Watson told Ingraham.

“What [Hill] was saying was simply, if we are trying to pump money and revenue into some of these communities that there is still this big disparity, this may be a way to do it,” Watson continued. “Obviously that’s in a vacuum, there are other factors that figure into that, but when you read her argument, she lays it out very cleanly and it’s actually something that I agree with.”

Ingraham told Watson that his alma mater, Duke University, would “have not been thrilled at you not being there” and that “college sports would certainly be a lot different today if we went down a color-coded way of figuring out college admissions. That’s re-segregating the country. Why do we want that?”

“Segregation, as you know, is government-mandated. This is not segregation. If you read the article,” Watson corrected Ingraham, before she cut him off.

“I read the article. I read the article. All right, we got to go,” she said.

Hill later chimed in with a tweet pointing out what was “so hilarious” about Ingraham’s stance, given her long history of peddling white nationalist talking points.

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