Mississippi restaurant employee fired for serving up a racist receipt to Black woman


A Mississippi woman says she went to grab a bite to eat at a local drive-thru and received a receipt calling her a “Black b**** in silver car,” along with her grub.

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Alexa Washington says she was offended when she saw the racist slur on the receipt handed to her by an employee at “Who Dat’s” eatery in Oxford. Washington then quickly summoned a manager to take notice of the racism she was served, WMC News reports.

“Something told me to look at my receipt, so I looked at it and it had ‘black b**** in silver car,’ my car isn’t silver for one. For two, I wasn’t rude. I didn’t have any type of hostility, he didn’t have any hostility with me,” Washington said.

The unidentified employee apologized to Washington but was also fired in the process. Washington said she wants to use the incident as a teachable moment and sat down to have a wide-ranging positive conversation with the owner.

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The owner shared some of the contents of that conversation on Facebook, along with an apology.

“I sat down with Lex Washington for 1.5hrs this morning, discussing a broad range of issues & goals in our lives as we work through the Summer. We have so much common ground. An event that transpired on Friday night June 7th, 2019 was our main topic. Ms. Washington and her friend were making their regular round of the drive-thru & purchased food & drink. In shock about the possibility that something like this could be happening here, she re-read the ticket which describes where the location of where the food is going as “black bitches in silver car”. This is no description or no joke, this is a vivid insult describing oppression which stabs four-five immediate generations. Our hard work as women & men as equals. Our hard work which we share as equals whether it be in any situation foreign or abroad. The next step was taken by Ms. Washington to bring this to my attention on Friday night.. I spoke with her in shock & remorse. Unexplainable to me were the words on the receipts. The first step was taken by myself to the employee who was informed that they were terminated immediately. Ms. Washington & I decided this was necessary because the food service could be jeopardized & that is the only way to start moving forward with what transpired. We agreed upon to take steps to ban this & any individuals that feel in any way, they may be allowed to marginalized people to a word or level. This is also inclusive of their feelings outside of a public place. We need to turn some stones and we are here to do that. From the bottom of my heart I would like to apologize to the young ladies that were attacked by this injustice. We have a lot of work to do as humans & a representative of the community. Lex Washington was nothing but sweet & communicative during the entire events that transpired. I am not only apologizing to her but to everyone & anyone that could subject to a label in life. I have taken the trash out on this instant that I am in control in, but I would like to inform everyone that I will not condone this anywhere” wrote Wylie Coleman.


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