Kenneth Picasso Hunt was born in 1980 to parents Kenneth & Eunice Foster Hunt. They worked hard to raise him with love and a young entrepreneur mindset.

The Art Monster began his art journey at a very young age, and was blessed to have met and worked with many talented artists from all walks of life.

Kenneth was given the opportunity to be in his first professional art show, by a art collector named Michael Gray. He displayed his work along side legendary talented artist such as George Benson , Andrew Turner & William Dandrige. These legendary artist were also a few of his mentors and teachers during his younger years as an adolescent artist.

Kenneth has recently opened his second art gallery; Abstract Reality Art Gallery, which he uses as a platform to showcase, inspire and display young and up coming artist and their work as Mr. Gray did for him.

​Hunt has multiple collections out, such as The Untitled Series, Sinister, and his most popular collection The Art Monster. Nicknamed Picasso, for his talent to push boundaries with the paint brush, this phenomenal young artist has taken the Art Scene by storm. Conquering all levels and mediums and spreading his Art Monster Movement like no other.