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The singer’s legal win comes days before she is set to perform at the “65th Grammy Awards.”
Lizzo just scored a major win! The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter the trademark for her lyric “100% That B**ch” from her hit single “Truth Hurts” a year after she first applied for it.
According to the USPTO filing that PEOPLE obtained, the singer can now use the registered phrase for clothing. The song was a sleeper hit when it peaked in 2019, reaching the top of the Billboard charts and winning a Grammy nearly three years after its initial release in 2017.
The decision made on Thursday reads, “Considering the entirety of the record, we find that most consumers would perceive 100% THAT B**ch used on the goods in the application as associated with Lizzo rather than as a commonplace expression.” The decision was reversal of last year’s USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board rejection of Lizzo’s application.
The decision further reads, “All of the evidence of record regarding third-party use of 100% THAT B**ch is from 2017 or later. The Urban Dictionary entry for the term is dated June 12, 2019. Thus, the evidence is contemporaneous with or subsequent to the release of Lizzo’s hit single ‘Truth Hurts.’”
It continues, “There is no evidence of use of the term 100% THAT B**ch prior to 2017, so we have no indication that the proposed mark already was ‘widely used, over a long period of time and by a large number of merchandisers’ before Lizzo popularized it.”
The good news for the singer comes just days ahead of the “65th Grammy Awards,” where theGrio previously reported that she will perform. Lizzo is also nominated in five categories, including the prestigious Record, Song and Album of the Year.
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