Lena Dunham Boldly Names The Biggest Misogynist In Hollywood

Former “Girls” star Lena Dunham didn’t flinch when TV late-night host Andy Cohen asked her who she thought was the biggest misogynist in Hollywood.

She had the option to avoid answering in a “Plead the Fifth” segment on Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” clubhouse on Wednesday, but she offered a name.

“This isn’t a person who has a ton of power, but the small amount he has I feel he has used for ill ― and that is Daniel Tosh,” she said.

The “Camping” creator elaborated that Tosh, a comedian and host of Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0,” earned the distinction from her because an “unkind” insult about her breasts went beyond a personal diss.

“He said it in a context in which I felt he was shutting down a lot of women for having bodies he didn’t consider to be normative,” said Dunham, a champion of body-positivity.

While she did not specify what the comment was, Tosh said in a 2012 bit on pepper spray: “The only thing that will burn your eyes worse is watching that chick get naked on ‘Girls.’”

The barb was accompanied by a topless image of Dunham with her breasts blacked out.

Check out Dunham’s full “Plead the Fifth” interview below.

HuffPost reached out for comment from one of Tosh’s reps, who did not immediately respond.

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