LAPD probes audio leak of dispatchers trashing Nipsey Hussle’s parents

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The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating whether some of its officers insulted members of Nipsey Hussle‘s family during Thursday’s memorial service for the West Coast rapper and community advocate, TMZ reported.

In audio posted on The Game’s Instagram account, several men can be heard making fun of the way Nipsey’s mother and father look. “Nipsey Hussle’s mom looks a lot like a male,” one of the men is heard saying. “Wow. Dad looks a lot like a female so go figure,” adds another.

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The Game said the audio appears to be “LAPD officers intercepted on police radio and caught disrespecting Nips parents, his home-going and celebration.”

The Game unleashes on whoever it is bad-mouthing Nips’ fam—and he said he believes it could be members of the LAPD.

“Y’all stupid mothaf****s wonder why nobody has faith in the legal system or this corrupt police force/government. This s*** is disgusting & the voices in this video if they are in fact police officers should be recognized by other officers & they should be brought to the light!!!!” The Game writes on his IG post. “Protect & serve right ??!!?!? F**k outta here !!! Nips mother was beautiful yesterday & his father stood by her side & showed strength in a time we all needed to see it !!! & although this doesn’t speak for every officer in the world I’m pretty sure it does for a vast majority & therein lies the problem.”

The LAPD doesn’t think the audio is of their officers for a few reasons: they claim to broadcast on a digital frequency, and the audio appears to be analog, according to The Blast.  Further, the LAPD as saying that digital frequencies are unable to be intercepted on 2-way radio, which is what happened in this case, the report said. Police officials added that officers typically don’t talk the way the men in the audio recording are talking.

Still, LAPD said they are investigating the matter.

We’ll also stay on top of this one…

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