Kylie Jenner can’t keep up with her hair in lockdown. Then again, who can? 

The beauty mogul posted a sweet video of her playing with her daughter Stormi on Monday. It showed the back of Jenner’s head with what looked like new, lighter hair extensions as Stormi giggled and yelled in her arms.

“A visual representation of how my friends are gonna have to drag me out the first party post quarantine,” Jenner joked in the caption.  

A person on Instagram who claimed to be a color corrective specialist zinged the reality star for the discrepancy in her hair colors. 

“Kylie honey, you need some blending on that hair,” she wrote. 

“I know bitch it’s been a long day,” she replied.

Actually, it’s been a long few months. 


Jenner won praise earlier this month for coming for a commenter who said she looked different at a Sugar Factory store opening in 2017. 

“Wow she’s so skinny here 🤗 🤗 🤗,” a user wrote below a video of Jenner at the store. Another commenter added: “she was better.”

Jenner shut down the body-shaming troll with one line: 

“I birthed a baby.”  

Rude comments aren’t keeping the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” cast member from creating art during stay-at-home time.

Jenner and one of her best friends, Anastasia “Stassi” Karanikolaou, recently parodied some of the most memorable quotes from the “KUWTK” series and turned them into an even more iconic compilation: 

Considering that TV reality shows might look a lot different after the coronavirus, this could be a glimpse of the Kardashian family’s next season. 

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